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Old Is New Again

Posted on December 17, 2009 by Andyrox

In today's world everything is brighter, quicker and slicker, leaving old stalwarts eating their dust so to speak, and this bodes true for the comic book industry, from better paper quality, to computerised colour separation and so on, new characters who are bigger, badder, stronger ,faster, sexier etc... But every now and then the old classics get revamped to give creators the oppurtunity to work on their childhood favorites and introduce a new generation of readers to the characters in that particular publication. D.C. comics has scored big time with the new creative team on J.S.A. Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges(writers) & Jesus Merino(artist) have managed to blend characters from sixty years ago with modern day ones and seamlessly make it work in word and picture, their shocking and well orchestrated 1st issue on their run (I won't ruin it just buy it already) is just a sign of things to come, and the focus seems to be on the mentoring of the old guard on the young, eagers. Merino's pencils capture both ends of the spectrum, respecting the glory of the Golden Age characters while giving just as much shine on the up and comers. Pick up issue 29, I dare you to resist searching out issue 30. Until next time. WHOMP!@!!


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