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Free Comic Book Day

Posted on May 2, 2010 by Andyrox

Kudos and a huge shout out to the guys at Cosmix, for a day to be remembered.
In the weeks leading up to yesterdays events; Pierre, Sylvain and Ray along with their support staff and cast of characters waiting in the wings to help out, pulled off an event unlike any that this fan has seen in 25 plus years of collecting.
By 9:55 am yesterday morning 5 minutes prior to opening their doors there were at least 45-50 fans (old and new alike) queued in line at the door in eager anticipation of free comic books and a chance to meet professional artists Cameron Stewart (Catwoman and the Eisner nominated The Other Side) and J Bone (Batman: Brave & The Bold, Superfriends)
With huge specials on all merchandise and a friendly smile and greeting the staff energetically and eagerly went about their mission to make the fans happy, say hey to regulars who dropped in and welcome new customers to their shop.
Not to be outdone Cameron and J thrived on the energy being fed to them, especially by the children who stared in awe as they whipped out original creation after creation, leaving with giant smiles on their faces having gotten their favourite characters ranging from Bone to the Joker, with Hellboy and Superman in between. Fans and friends alike were pleased as punch, with their purchases, sketches and chance to get books autographed.
Amidst the controlled chaos some real characters popped out of the woodwork to entertain the masses outside waiting eagerly to get in as storm troopers from a galaxy far, far away descended on the store to cause mischief and got caught up in the power of the good side of the force. Travelers from as far as Vermont stopped in having heard of the event on Twitter.
A young Wolverine dropped by for his free comic books (Hey Logan needs some downtime every now and then!) Staff, fans, customers and neighbours alike enjoyed the day immensely. A special thanks to Fleuriste Ideal, Chocomax, Pizza Pizza and Decarie Hot Dogs for their contributions, go check them out too.
By day’s end over 500 people had rolled in out of the doors and left content with their finds and purchased treasures.
Yours truly had an awesome day from, setting up walls, filling tables, covering the door, standing in as others went on break, the most fun for me, was serving the customers, helping them find that particular type of book for a character they hadn’t read much of or picking out figurines, the chance to have my own artwork critiqued by industry professionals, but the best high was the smile on eight year old Jeannie’s face when she left with a Ned Flanders Werewolf, sketched and inked by yours truly, that she shyly asked for after prompting from her mother. A new comic book fan is born.
To Pierre, Sly , Ray, Danny, Michel, Stephane, Yannick, John, Didier, Cameron & J, thanks for letting me be part of the excitement, a special thanks to Dean for his dinner entertainment.
What’s in store for next time you ask? Brainstorming has already begun, but we’re keeping it under our hats so not to spoil the surprise. In the meantime drop in for the books, stay for the ambiance and good luck avoiding the hockey pool. Until next time……… WHOMP!!


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