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DC's The New 52

Posted on October 11, 2011 by Andyrox

When I first heard about DC’s latest re-launch, I have to admit my stomach rolled, “Not again?!” I thought ; “here comes another marketing ploy to make us buy ten million variant covers of the same story!” However, I picked up Flashpoint just to see what was going on, not only was I surprised by the content I was impressed that there weren’t a gazillion crossovers into other titles, it was pretty well self-contained. The story impressed me enough to do something I haven’t done in over twenty years, add close to twenty new titles to my reserve list. Some will not be lasting even though I expected more of them, some will be staying on having met expectations, and 2 titles I really didn’t think would impress me, may well be in for the long haul. Batman, by Snyder & Capullo really caught my attention, clever, intelligent writing and slick art, has made this jaded batfan wanting the next issue. You have to understand. when Batman the movie was released in 1989, this reader saw the market flooded with Batman, he was showing up in every DC title, rival company crossovers, TV commercials, hell he even made his way to peoples breakfast tables in cereal form, as a cheap rip off of Cap’n Crunch! I got so fed up I just couldn’t read the iconic character’s titles anymore. Although I would occasionally pick up the stray issue or TP from time to time just to touch base with an old friend. It’s nice to come home again. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Geoff Johns & Ivan Reiss, put their spin on Aquaman, and blew me out of the water! (pun intended) I couldn’t help but laugh at the request of Fish ‘n Chips at the diner, and the cops lamenting at being upstaged by Aquaman??! Classic! I’m making a bold prediction here, Johns & Reiss are about to do for the Atlantean monarch what they did for Green Lantern, make him relevant again. I can’t wait to get caught in the undertow. (pun intended again) I would love to see their spin on The Atom & Shazam! Well Marvel? How’re you gonna top this one? A Zombie Civil War?! Until next time ……….. WHOMP!!!!!


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