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Free Comic Book Day

Posted on May 10, 2011 by Andyrox

Wow! A little over 2 days later and I’m still trying to come down from the rush, that was Free Comic Book Day!!! I want to thank Pierre, Sylvain, Ray, John, Mike, Morgan, Danny & The Paparazzi Posse, for putting together another amazing event, A “May the Force be with you1” to the 501st Legion for entertaining the masses while they waited to gain entrance to the inner sanctum. A special thanks to Karl Kerschl & Jose Holder, artists extraordinaire who pleased fans and delighted the children with their masterpieces. The day just seemed to zip past perhaps we were all in synch with the Speed Force, we’ll never really know, I want to thank the Cosmix Family for allowing me to participate in yet another amazing and successful day. How do we top next year, you ask? Planning is already in the works, but if YOU have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to submit them to Cosmix, via e-mail, with the subject line of “Free Comic Book Day” after all it’s you the fan and the customer that have the biggest impact on these successful events. Well folks short & sweet this time out, words just won’t do, be on the lookout for photos of some of the amazing pieces of art that were produced on Saturday. Until next time, WHOMP!


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